America's airports are disappearing rapidly, and they've been doing so for decades. Washington state is no different: there are hundreds of airports that have closed across Washington, many of them all but forgotten. There are also quite a few airports that are clearly still in use but are just not depicted on the charts. A lot more than most people would imagine.

I've been hunting lost and uncharted airports for years now, and have discovered more than 200 300 across the state that have been closed or abandoned over the years. Some of them were once well known, others were obscure even in their day, and are now all but forgotten. Some of these airports have been completely gone for many years, others are still there either in part or entirely.

It's pretty sobering to see how many airfields we've lost - and it makes me want to help ensure we don't lose any more out of those that remain. I'm charting all of them here on this website, along with a little information about each.

I welcome input from anyone who can provide addtional details about any of these lost strips, so if you know of any additional fields that I've missed, if you can provide any additional details on one that's listed, or if you have a correction to the information I've posted, please let me know via email. You can reach me at lostairports (at) pacificnorthwestflying (dot) com.

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last update 1/15/09
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